Color is what Chemrez Technologies, Inc. (CTI) is all about.

Since 1982, it has been the leading powder coating manufacturer in the Philippines, providing state-of-the-art, high-quality color solutions to industrial and commercial manufacturers in the country.

CTI is a subsidiary of the D & L Industries, Inc. The company is a publicly listed company engaged in the manufacture of customized specialty ingredients of food and chemicals as well as aerosol and other biodiesel products.  This affiliation gives CTI unique access to high-quality raw materials and the latest scientific equipment.


About Us
About Us

Green Chemistry

One color defines everything we produce at Chemrez: green.

We call it Green Chemistry, a promise to drastically reduce or
even eliminate the use of hazardous substances and minimize the generation of it.
The benefits are undeniable: better and more efficient use of resources,
less pollution, a reduction in waste, less wasted energy, safer products.
At Chemrez, we commit ourselves to the vision of a living,
breathing Earth of tomorrow, and the responsibility we all have towards making that reality.