Auxiliary Products

To complement its powder coating product lines,
CTI has developed a series of high-quality support products that adhere to the same strict performance standards.

Maxsolv Plus- Powder Coating Stripper

Maxsolv Plus efficiently strips powder coated surfaces by weakening the coating’s adhesive grip, allowing it to easily separate from the substrate.

Corrosolv- Rust Converter, Metal Conditioner

Corrosolv is a phosphoric acid based cleaner that swiftly and effectively removes soil and converts rust, leaving a conditioned metal surface in one step.

Corro Kleen- Surface Cleaner

Corro Kleen’s special formulation removes dust and stubborn dirt from a variety of surfaces including metals and plastics, leaving nothing but a clean shine

Corro Kleen- Industrial Detergent

All-purpose alkaline detergent powder made especially for manual cleaning.