Primary Products

The Corro-Coat line is made with high-quality materials, and meet demanding global standards.
No matter what the powder coating requirement,
Corro-Coat has the product to meet your specific need.


Powder coatings for product which demand both decorative and protective properties. Applications are indoor product that requires high resistance to solvents and chemicals.


Powder coatings for indoor product that satisfy the demands of decorative finish combined with fuctional properties.


Powder coatings for commercial outdoor products that require protective qualities with good weathering resistance.


Powder coatings for high quality outdoor products that satisfy the requirement on very good weathering and UV resistance. Quality meets AAMA 2603 and Class 1 specifications.

Polyester-Extra Prime

Powder coatings provide superior durability in harsh weather conditions, excellent UV and corrosion resistance. Quality meets AAMA 2604 specification.