Corro-Coat PE-F (Polyster Powder Coatings for Facades)

Product Description

Corro-Coat PE-F is an exterior durable polyester powder coating specially formulated to satisfy the most stringent requirements for color stability, gloss retention and corrosion prevention. Corro-Coat PE-F has a uniform flow and finish, even after re-cycling.

Application Areas

Primary areas of application are aluminum extrusions and claddings for architectural work. Corro-Coat PE-F is also recommended for general use in other areas where gloss retention, color stability and heat resistance is required. The overall excellent properties and attractive appearance of the product also allow successful application to other non-ferrous and ferrous substrates. Click here to view the PE-F resistance chart.

Corro-Coat PE-F polyester powder coatings are designed to withstand environmental stresses year after year. Buildings in coastal areas, large cities, and industrial districts also require facade coatings which are both colorful and environmentally friendly. This is fully possible today if fabricators, architects, contractors, material suppliers and surface coaters utilize existing knowledge and experience. This applies not only to the powder coating itself, but equally so to the composition of the aluminum substrate, production process and pretreatment. In the installation process, proper consideration must be given to the coating.

When screen-printing or sealants are in use, we advise separate trials to ensure compatibility and that the required performance criteria are met.


The overall quality of the coating system is largely dependent on the type and quality of pre-treatment. Recommended types of pre-treatment for the most frequently used substrates are:

  • Aluminum - Chromate conversion
  • Steel - Zinc phosphating
  • Zinc Coated Steel - Zinc phosphating or chromate conversion
  • Final Rinse (Deionized) - The last running water from the object should be tested at 20ºC. The readings obtained should measure below 30 micro siemens/cm.

Curing Schedules

  • 15 minutes at 180ºC object temperature
  • 10 minutes at 200ºC object temperature
  • 8 minutes at 210ºC object temperature

Colour Selection

A wide variety of colors including RAL and NCS - available on order

Powder Application

Corro-Coat PE-F is available for corona or tribo charging equipment

Product Guarantee

Corro-Coat PE-F products are supported by their ten-year guarantee.

Storage Conditions

Keep in a dry, cool area. Max 25ºC/relative humidity 60%


Please refer to MTI 95-56 GB 10/95, Maintenance of Powder Coated Building Facades

General Specifications

High performance polyester for architectural metal works

  • Supreme ultra violet and weathering resistant
  • Excellent gloss retention
  • Excellent color stability
  • Excellent heat resistance
  • Excellent mechanical properties
  • Excellent flow and finish
  • GSB (Germany) Approval No. 110C
  • Qualicoat Approval No. P0037
  • B.S. Specifications 6496-1984
  • 10 year product guarantee

PE-F Resistance Chart

Chemical properties at room temperature

  Polyester   Polyester
Seawater Sodium Carbonate 10%
Tap Water Petroleum
Distilled Water Crude Oil
Sodium Chloride 2% Edible Oil
Sodium Chloride 20% Refined Petrol (Gasolene)
Sulfuric Acid 20% Turpentine
Hydrochloric Acid 10% High Octane Petrol
Hydrochloric Acid, conc. Toluene
Nitric Acid 3% Xylene
Nitric Acid 10% Ethyl Alcohol 96%
Nitric Acid 30% Butanol
Phosphoric Acid 4% Isopropyl Alcohol
Phosphoric Acid 10% Glycerol
Phosphoric Acid 43% Cyclohexanone
Sodium Hydroxide 5% Acetone
Sodium Hydroxide 30% Methyl-ethyl ketone
Acetic Acid 10% Ethyl Acetate
Acetic Acid, conc. Trichloroethylene
Na-hypochlorite, dilute Sodium Bi-chromate
Lactic Acid 10% Hydrogen Peroxide 3%
Citric Acid 10% Phenol
Ammonia 10% Urea
Ammonia, conc.
Excellent Resistance
Limited Resistance  
Little or No Resistance